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Kelly [userpic]

Friends Only

June 24th, 2011 (01:21 am)

My journal is going to be Friend's Only from now on. It's actually nothing new...no friends-cut or anything like that. Just got a new design courtesy of the lovely bend_dontbreak so I'm adding in my new banner! Thought I'd try something new...of course you all know how much I love Rent but I've been looking at the same layout forever and it was time for something new...so now we're off to the Moulin Rouge!!!

Kelly [userpic]

RENT! (the review)

November 23rd, 2006 (03:35 pm)

So, I got to see RENT last night and it was absolutely fantastic! I'm going to try my best and post a review but I am so wiped as we had a very long night. Oh! And I got to meet the lovely laniii at intermission and at the stagedoor...so that was pretty cool :)

So, I'll start off by saying I missed Toronto. Centre in the Sqaure was ok, it just wasn't the same as seeing the show in one of the theatres in Toronto. And it was freakin' huge! We had some really obnoxious people around us as we were in the third row...and that sucked because Scott already doesn't like the show and this people were really out there. Maybe it's just because we're older but lots of inappropriate screaming and they kept gathering up at the front of the stage and the ushers had to keep telling them to move. I'm all for mooing or whooping or whatever at appropriate points...but other than that, be quiet and let people enjoy the show! Two people sitting in front of us (a couple about our age) were sandwiched between some of them because of the rush situation (I guess) and they left at intermission. I'll never know if it was because they weren't enjoying the performance or because they couldn't take the kiddies.

So, on to the review!

I should start by saying that I really missed my old cast...it was strange seeing some of them up there without the rest of them, especially since they were the first cast that I saw. But, this is truly an amazing cast. They are a very tight group and vocally they are very strong. I'll break it down:

Mark (Harley Jay): I enjoyed his Mark. He was a bit over-the-top, sort of reminded me of Matt Caplan at points (from what I've seen). Very strong vocals but there was something about Jed that I preferred...I think Jed felt like he had more heart. Still, no complaints about Harley, he was certainly fun and made the audience really laugh and enjoy themselves!

Roger (Declan Bennett): Holy crap! Well, you all knew I was dying to see him so what can I say? He was freakin' incredible :) Seriously, didn't let me down one bit. His accent shone through just enough to be absolutely wonderful. He has quite the set of pipes on him! He is very strong vocally and made good acting choices. He is a very angry Roger...I'm not all that surprised he broke his fingers! In GoodBye Love he was screaming and shaking everything so intensely Scott actually leaned over to me and said, "Are you sure you still want to meet him?"

Mimi (Krystal Brown): I enjoyed her performance. Again with her, I felt like something was lacking a bit and enjoyed Jennifer Colby Talton a little bit more. Can't really say what it was though because she gave a very strong performance. Excellent vocals, great dancing and she is cute as a button. So maybe I'm just being sentimental. Now I never got to see Arianda but boy did this girl have stamina! She was really flying on the bars and still maintained her vocals during both Out Tonight and Another Day.

Collins (Warren G. Nolans): Loved him before and loved him this time! Nothing much had changed...he still has a very strong voice and gave an amazingly heartful performance, he tore the crap out of his Reprise. Very enjoyable.

Angel (Melvin Bell III): Ok, this one was really weird. Maybe it is just because I was really attached to Ano but there was something about Melvin's Angel that didn't appeal to me. The reason I saw it was weird is because vocally he was incredible. I would have to say he was definately stronger than Ano, yet I just didn't feel what I felt when Ano was onstage. The Angel spirit wasn't there as much (IMO). His vocals were incredible, T4U was done without getting breathless at all and Contact was spectacular. But I just missed the beaming Angel that was on stage when Ano played the part.

Maureen (Tracy McDowell): Again, saw her in Toronto and enjoyed her and she did not disappoint. Maureen is not one of my favorite characters so not too much to say here...her voice is still incredibly strong and she's still nicely over the top during Over The Moon. Her hair was longer and she is adorable as ever!

Joanne (Chante Carmel): Great as before. Her and Tracy really work well together, their TMOLM was fantastic!

Benny (Michael Ilfill): I really enjoy his Benny...he makes the character stand out more than I've seen with other Benny's, has nice smooth vocals and boy! can that boy dance. If you're seeing this make sure to pay attention to him during Contact, he's amazing.

SOL Soloist #1 (Mimi Jiminez): Very strong singer...loved her solo! Really blew the roof off the places and she was strong in all her other ensemble parts.

SOL Soloist #2 (Douglas Lyons): I was really sad that Aswad was out. Aswad is like "RENT-royalty" and I always look forward to seeing him as he has (IMO) one of the best male solos around. That being said, Douglas did a very good job with big shoes to fill. The solo wasn't quite as powerful as when Aswad does it but no complaints. Aswad was also the only person out of the show.

Steve (Joe Donohue): Love this guy! He's been in the show before...I think with two prior tour legs, and he's really incredible. His Will I? Solo was gorgeous and his waiter in La Vie Boheme was really fun.

Gordon (Dustin Brayley): Also very good...I particularily enjoyed his bits during Christmas Bells...and he was excellent as "The Man"

Paul (Jesse Carrion): Lovely guy...looked like he was having a fantastic time on stage.

Mark's Mom (Jenna Noel): Also really enjoyed her, she put a lot of energy into all of her numbers and really sparkled

Alexi (Jade Hicks): I was so happy to see she was wearing the fuzzy pink bra for La Vie Boheme! Finally, it's back! She was really good too...her Alexi was strong and funny and she was good in the ensemble.

So, I got to do the whole stagedoor thing and got some great pictures...I'll put them behind the cut since this is already so long
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Kelly [userpic]

New Computer and other updates...

October 29th, 2006 (04:06 pm)

I got a new computer! I'm very excited :) It's actually just a new tower but heck, that's the most important part! I love my monitor so I left it alone but it's monstrous so I think down the road I may look at going to a flat screen...it's just this one is nice and big with a great picture...but it's almost too big for my new desk.

I've finally got a DVD burner which is very exciting for me (I can finally stop burning things to stupid VCD). So, I've got my first question for the more computer-savvy people on my f-list. I'm getting a Region 2 DVD hopefully on Monday and I'm wondering if there is any way I can rip it and then burn it as a Region 1? I've got a few Region 2 DVDs and it would be so awesome if I could do that!

Other than that things have been pretty dull...most of the weekend has been spent working on cleaning up the computer and before that, backing up stuff from my old system (I really must start doing that on a regular basis). I had over 30gigs of videos! That's too much :)

Hope everyone is having a nice Halloween weekend! I don't have any plans, Scott and I worked on unpacking more of the apartment and we are almost done...everything should be set up by next weekend (finally!).

Ok, this is getting fairly boring so I will get going :)

Kelly [userpic]

Shoes, shoes, shoes

August 6th, 2006 (04:12 pm)

Sorry guys...I needed a place to post some pictures of my shoes for someone who might be interested in them, so just ignore this post unless you're interested in buying shoes.

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Kelly [userpic]

From now on...

February 3rd, 2006 (06:19 pm)

Image hosting by Photobucket

I just wanted to let everyone know that my journal is going to be friend's only from now on. If you want to be added, please comment here...I'm looking for new friends as my list is pretty sparse so if we share common interests or you find my journal interesting, feel free to request to be added.

Kelly [userpic]

Friends Only?

January 30th, 2006 (07:04 pm)

Ok, I'm hoping some of the people who are on my friends list will read this and hopefully someone will respond. I'd really like to know how to make my journal "friends-only" and so far I can't figure it out. So if some kind soul would like to help me I'd really appreciate it.

Kelly [userpic]

Thank You Jonathan Larson

January 25th, 2006 (02:49 am)

It seems kind of fitting that this be my first offical journal entry seeing as I didn't become involved with Live Journal at all until I became involved with RENT. Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the sudden and tragic death of Jonathan Larson from complications from Marfan Syndrome. I know I will be taking time today to think about him and reflect on everything he gave to the world through his beautiful music. I'm also posting something from another LJ member (pandacookie) about Jonathan and raising awareness.

Tomorrow, January 25th, 2006, marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Jonathan Larson. Please take some time today to reflect on the beautiful gifts he's given us, especially Rent. Please also take some time today to read about Marfan Syndrome, which is the illness that lead to Jonathan's early death. Please go to Marfan.org for information. If you can, please make a donation.

Also, please check out:

The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation, which was created by Jonathan's family to provide financial support and encouragement to artists.

Broadway Cares, an AIDS fundraising orginization.

One more thing...please pass this post along in your own journals/Myspace/whatever. One thing we should do on 1/25 is increase awareness of Marfan Syndrome. It would be appreciated.

Special thanks to potatomistress for the idea of increasing awareness of Marfan Syndrome and forget_regret_0 for the initial idea of making this post. Thanks also to princess__di for her suggestions.

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